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Qlikview 11 for developers - granularity of business process

In chapter 4, the book says that "The next step is to declare the granularity of the business process (for example, a single flight or one salary payment). We then group the measures that are used in the business process into a single fact table."

What is meant by granularity of a business process ? The book example does not make it clear. I need a simpler example.

Extra - Why do we need to do this step. What happens if we don't ?

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Re: Qlikview 11 for developers - granularity of business process

Granularity is the extent to which a system is broken down into small parts

Use the business process to determine the granularity

A careful review of the information gathered from the business process should provide what you need to determine the granularity of the fact table. To summarize, your organization wants to analyze customer-buying trends by product line and region so that you can develop more effective marketing strategies.

Customer by product level granularity

The granularity of the fact table should always represent the lowest level for each corresponding dimension.

When you review the information from the business process, the granularity for customer and product dimensions of the fact table are apparent. Customer and product cannot be reasonably reduced any further. These dimensions already express the lowest level of an individual record for the fact table. In some cases, product might be further reduced to the level of product component because a product could be made up of multiple components.

So in that book author is talking about airline industry granularity

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Re: Qlikview 11 for developers - granularity of business process

It is good to find the the granularity level of business means at what lower level of granularity you should justify your business. Let say

Country   Region    qty   sales

USA        XYZ        10     20

Country City    Region  zone

USA       IOWA  XYZ     ABC

In this example the lowest level of granularity is zone