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Qlikview - AND Condition


I want to use an AND condition like this in an expression but I am getting an error - Error in set modifier ad hoc element list.  Can anyone please suggest the correct condition to use


sum({<APHold.HoldName={'Invoice Out To Site' and IsNull(APHold.ReleaseDate)}>} APInv.InvoiceAmount)



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Re: Qlikview - AND Condition

May be this

Sum({<APHold.HoldName = {'Invoice Out To Site'}*{"=IsNull(APHold.ReleaseDate)"}>} APInv.InvoiceAmount)

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Re: Qlikview - AND Condition

Thanks for this.  The expression is now ok but I'm not getting the desired results.

Re: Qlikview - AND Condition

Would you be able to share a sample where we can see what you get and what you are trying to get?

Re: Qlikview - AND Condition

May be do this as well?

Sum({<APHold.HoldName = {"Invoice Out To Site", "=IsNull(APHold.ReleaseDate)"}>} APInv.InvoiceAmount)

If data not matches, May be logic different

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