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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlikview Certification


Any suggestions for the Qlikview Designer and Developer Certification Preparation. Please guide.

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There is no direct way to do this.

Check this link to get the process of Qlikview cerification

Re: QlikView Certification

And For advance, You may read this and do mock for yourself and then check

QQotD (Qlik Quiz) - QlikView Blog, QlikView Videos and Tips at QlikShare

Before develop something, think If placed (The Right information | To the right people | At the Right time | In the Right place | With the Right context)
Champion II
Champion II

Hi Sweta,

Some references from the community pages about the same.


Exam Domain Areas

Gather and Interpret Requirements

Given a set of business objectives, determine KPIs, dimensions, or measures

Given customer requirements, determine an appropriate solution to meet the customer needs

_Identify and Analyze Data Sources

Given a data set, identify quality issues

Determine the expected effects of data quality issues

Given a data set, determine how the data characteristics at the field level will affect the QlikView data model (e.g., performance, accuracy)

Interpret an entity relationship (ER) diagram

Given a data set, determine the relationships among data

Given a data set, determine how the relationships among data will affect the QlikView data model (e.g., performance, accuracy)

_Create the QlikView Associative Data Model

Explain methods and considerations for connecting to different types of data sources

Describe the circumstances under which different load strategies should be used

Explain the circumstances under which QVD files and/or n-tiered data architectures should be recommended

Describe the use and properties of fact tables and dimension tables

Explain load techniques relevant to data transformation

Explain the use of QlikView functions to transform data

Explain how to resolve complex calendar scenarios

Explain the use and effects of different types of joins

Given business requirements, determine appropriate section access configuration

Given a scenario, determine how to resolve table association issues (e.g., synthetic keys/circular references, data types)

Explain the use of control statements and/or variables

Explain the purpose and functionality of the Table Viewer/System Fields

Determine the root cause for discrepancies between values in legacy reports and QlikView values

Explain the purpose and functionality of QlikView troubleshooting tools or functions

Given a script, determine the cause and/or solution for a script error

_Design and Develop the QlikView Application User Interface

Determine the result of a given function or complex expression

Identify where alternate uses of expressions are appropriate

Given a scenario, determine the appropriate function or complex expression to use

Explain how to implement Actions/Triggers in the QlikView interface

Given a scenario, determine the appropriate object or chart type to use

Explain the purpose/functionality of common object properties

Given a scenario, determine the appropriate application performance tuning option to use

Given a scenario, determine the appropriate reload performance tuning option to use

_Deliver the QlikView Application

Describe how to give the user information or direction for using the application

Explain the purpose and functionality of the QV Server and Publisher

Determine the circumstances under which particular client types can be used

Re: QlikView Developer Certification exam

QlikView Certification Exam Questions Answers

Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlikview 11 is not in force from Jan 2017 will it be ok to take the Qlikview Certification 11 from Pearson vue or should I wait for the revision from Pearson vue.

Champion II
Champion II

Qlik will end support for QV 11.xxx from 8 Dec 2017

Important: End of Life for QlikView 11 - 08 December 2017

That's just end of support , you can continue to use your version of QV but no support from Qlik. There are still people who are using even older versions of Qlikview.

With regards to the validity of QV11.xxx certifications I think we should ask this  in the

Education services (Space: Education Services | Qlik Community) to confirm if they are phasing out QV11.xxx certifications and would it be mandatory to upgrade existing certifications

With Regards to Preparation for the certification exams both are essentially the same.

Creator III
Creator III

Hello Qlikers,

Today I have taken  Qlikview 11 Developer Exam (and Passed with good score   )

I have doubts : http://www.qlik.com/us/services/training/qlikview-certification this link states that  "Passing the QlikView Developer Certification Exam grants you BOTH the QlikView Developer and QlikView Designer


However, the result’s page I received states that “ Thank you for taking the Qlikview 11 Developer Certification Exam)

with overall Score and Result : Pass.

Nothing has been mentioned about the Qlik designer certification.  Why  ?

My Exam experience :

Exam is pretty challenging that’s fair. But my concern is exam is too “lengthy”. Even if it’s a multiple choice question setup, most of the questions are too much descriptive. We need to answer 70 questions in 120 minutes. It means less than 2 minutes per question. There are very few questions (around 10%) which are sort of crisp and concise.   My concern was I couldn’t answer all 70 questions in 120 minutes. I just answered 67 out of 70.  After exam I felt relieved with lot of dissatisfaction J

I hope Qlik employees can address this concern and work towards simplification of the examination.

Please note that – I am not commenting on the difficulty level OR pattern of the exam!


Jayant Tibhe

Creator III
Creator III

Yes though it doesn't say on passing but you will be get both certifications by USA evening time.