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Qlikview Development queries

Hi Guys,

I am new to qlikview and is trying to create a dashboard for a digital marketing company. Can you guys help me in providing a solution for the below queries.

1. Is division "/" and multiplication symbols * does not work in developer ? I am trying to create get the value for aggregating in a pivot table and it is not working as expected.

example expression - Sum(Cost / Impressions) * 1000

2. Is it possible to create a dashboard and automate the process of varying the source. if the source is an excel sheet and not ODBC. If yes then where will this be implemented, in developer or access point or management console ?

Thanks in advance guys. Based on your reply i would get back with many more queries 😉

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Hi Deiva,

the usual mathematical symbols can definitely be used in QlikView, just like anywhere else. There must be another reason why your expression is not working as expected.

Maybe if you can provide some more context to this or maybe your qvw, you can be helped.

The process of switching the source used by QlikView can be kind of automated. It is in the script, so you'd have to find a way to feed that info into the script - either from an external source - or maybe you can query some external factor in the script (like the presence of a file in a certain place or whatever) and then execute one or another LOAD, according to the result.

OR, if your user had both the client_software installed AND a Named_CAL (full license), then he/she can trigger a reload from a button you place on the GUI and thus he/she can just select (e.g. in a listbox) the type of source to be used and then hit "reload".


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1) / and * should work. can you provide a sample app where it don't?

2) if your source is excel with (for example) current date in its filename you can create a variable where you while reloading will be getting today() and then use it in accessing excel

smth like

LET var = date(today())



FROM 'sales'&$(var)&'.xls'

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Thanks guys for the response. What i am trying to create is a dashboard for marketing campaigns. Platform is facebook. So i have the various campaign names, impressions, clicks, conversion details etc.

I uploaded the data through an excel sheet into qlikview and tried to create a pivot table to see aggregated data. While writing the formulas for individual expressions, it is not working properly.

CPC (Cost per click), CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions).

CPM - (cost / impressions) *1000

The above formula is for a single record. So when we try to get an aggregated data, it should be sum of the formula above.

Since the document is in a very early stage and there is nothing really to show and hence i am not sharing the qvw file.

For the 2nd query, i want to automate the process of source extraction by qlikview on a weekly basis. For eg, i have a common standard dashboard. I will have to generate campaign report for each client individually on a weekly basis. So based on your inputs i see that the script editor has to be changed in developer for every new file. After reload it has to be deployed into access point for viewing the dashboard report. Is that right ?

Is it possible to automate my requirement if i create separate dashboards for each customer. So that the filename will be same and i want to schedule the extraction of source file by qlikview from a specific folder. Please note that all the source files will be in excel.

Please advice.