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Qlikview Domain Migration (All Services are down)

Hello qlik Community,

we have changed the domain of our qlikview server.

We changed the Servername and the Windows Domain.

We permitted the new service user (new domain) for everything the old one was permitted

But our QMC tells "All Services are down".

We've checked several threads, and checked/changed the config files (C:/ProgramData/QlikTech/*)

But there's still anything to change, because the services are "Running On" the old server.

How to change this? Or where?

We also have checked if the services are running with the old service user, still not working.

(Sorry i don't know where to put this new thread so i used new to qlikview)

Thanks & Regards


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Re: Qlikview Domain Migration (All Services are down)

I think the easiest solution is to uninstall-reinstall QlikView Server. It's not just changeable information in xml and ini configuration files that needs to be adjusted, but also stuff in Shared and pgo binary files that you cannot easily change.

Maybe the Shared files can be modified using PowerTools  but I have no idea whether PowerTools 1.3 will already do that for a QV12 server.

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Re: Qlikview Domain Migration (All Services are down)

Hello Peter,

thank you for your answer,

If we do an uninstall - reinstall, we will lose all tasks but not the applications right? (without an extra backup)