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Creator II
Creator II

Qlikview License Lease from Server

Hi Every one,

Can any one please help me on Below error.

I have installed Qlikview server with small business edition license  in my local machine. I got 5 NAMED CALS in my licnese.

Then taken the license lease for qlikview desktop

I have taken my friend Windows user credentials with Domain\Username and entered in the mange users like below and assigned Named CAL to him. Now Two Named CALs are in Use out of 5 I have.

His domain name is different and my domain name is different.

When he tried to open Qlikview personal edition as open in server for license lease in his machine, after entering his user credentials getting the below error. Please let me know Am I missed anything.

Thanks in Advance.

Assigned user.png

personal edition server.png

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Master II
Master II

Re: Qlikview License Lease from Server

I think the windows authentication like laptop-name will not work.

You would need the domain name of that user who is trying to access the app.

Get is domain name from the AD, if he is not added in AD then maybe in outlook you can find the domain.

Or add a text box to your Qlik App and write an expression as


This should give the domain name and then do a manual input with that name. Hope that should work.


Re: Qlikview License Lease from Server

Your Windows machine probably is denying access to unknown or unauthenticated users. By default members of two different domains cannot access each others machines unless a trust relation is installed or one of the machines drops its guard (anonymous/guest access?)


Re: Qlikview License Lease from Server

BTW if you're not going to continue your earlier almost identical discussion Qlikview Server License Lease then please close it. Thank you.