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Qlikview Performance

Hi Experts,

I am working on improving performance of my QVW. I have four tabs and I see two of the tabs are problematic. In those two tabs we are calculating 27 same measures. In each tab we are presenting the same measures in 5 different straight tables with different dimensions.  When the QVW is opened from the access point its taking 1.45 minutes to load and switching between tabs is recalculating the measures. No if clauses are used. For all the measures I am using variables. For example In settings/variableOverview I have variable vTotal and the value I have is 

sum({<DateType={'Resolved'},disputeStatus= >}DataTypeCounter) . I am using this variable in my expressions as $(vTotal).

Please let me know if there is anything I need to look into.

Any help is highly appreciated.



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Re: Qlikview Performance



Expression(Variable) seems easy ,but how much data it is calculating we need to consider for optimization.

i mean if you have GB's of data for each filter change application refresh will take time so try to archive data for some amount of data (Ex: if you are showing 10 years data now try to decrease for 4 years)

optimization will depend on below things also

  •  which type of schema you have used back end (Star/Snow Flake)?
  • fetch the expressions from an excel(Maintain an excel for all calculated variables)
  • check the RAM
  • Size of your .QVW file
  • How the data is coming into QlikView file (Back end try to use QVD's or Binary load for source data)

For some more information please go through the below links