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Qlikview SOAP Service question

Hi all,

Currently I have a question, which is related to receiving data from a XML SOAP Service.

For my current project, it is necessary to extract data directly from a program called AFAS Profit. In order to receive the data indirecty, I have used another tool Called SOAPUI, which makes it possible to read a XML file. 

To create a connection with a XML file, a WSDL link is required. When the user has filled in his/her link, the XML code will be showed in the left panel. Between your tags, you'll have to fill in the required values, in order to make a connection to the data. After you press on the run button, a new XML will be called, which contains the data from AFAS Profit. 

I have downloaded QvRestConnector for the extraction of xml data. I want to know if the QvRestConnector is the right program to use, and how I should use the QvRestConnector, in order to extract my data directly. 

I have posted a video as an attachment, which (hopefully) give you a better view of this situation.

Yours Sincerely,

Patrick Smit

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Re: Qlikview SOAP Service question

I was wondering if someone could help me out with this issue.