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Qlikview Server - mail user preferences


I am using Qlikview Server 11 and I need to send email alerts whenever a certain condition is verified.

However, there is some problem when I press the "Test" button under User Preferences - Mail, because Qlikview returns the following error message:

"Could not connect to server. Last Response: Unexpected AUTH PLAIN response, Last Response: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first".

I have created a hotmail account for this purpose and set the required parameters to:


Address: smtp.live.com

Port: 587 (I also have tried with other port numbers)

Authentication Method: AUTH PLAIN (I also have tried with others)

User ID: the e-mail user of the created hotmail account ("something@hotmail.com")

Password: the correspondent hotmail's password

Sender: the name and address can be the same as the one in server, can't them? In other words, can mail server and mail sender be the same?

I have searched the internet and I still do not understand what am I doing wrong, neither what can I do to solve this issue and start sending e-mail alerts - that is why your knowledge would be a great help.

Thank you in advance,

João Duarte

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I had already started a discussion on this issue on:


However, I did not notice the "wait for moderation approval" message and posted the question a second time, for what I am sorry. You can delete this duplicated version of the discussion if you may.

Thank you,

João Duarte

Creator II
Creator II


Thanks for your help.

I have one Question here.

I have filled all details in User Preferences tab for Mail Option below is the snap shot


In that case I got error as below after clicking on Test button


I think server name should have some another value.

How we get value of Server which should be fill here.

In case of OutLook what will be the value of this Server.




Any updates on this.I am getting same error for outlook