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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlikview Straight Table: filter data by row and column

When I click on a row within a straight table (as below) I get the row dimension added to my 'Current Selections'. This is great 99% of the time. However, I have a need to provide filtered results based off both the row dimension AND the column dimension.

Example of my need:  If I click on 'Numeric Value 1' in the table below my 'Current Selections' box would update with 'Country A'. I would like to have 'Current Selections' update with BOTH 'Country A' and 'Sales Pipeline Status A', so that my adjoining tables have both filters applied to them. Note: 'Sales Pipeline Status A' is a valid field in my database table, not just the 'Label' name for my column header.

Example Table (note: 'Sales Pipeline Status A' and 'Sales Pipeline Status B' are database fields available in my internal QV tables:

CountrySales Pipeline Status ASales Pipeline Status B
Country ANumeric Value 1Numeric Value 2
Country BNumeric Value 3Numeric Value 4
Country C ....Numeric Value 5Numeric Value 6

Can somebody explain how I can do this please, if this is indeed possible?

Thank you in advance.


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Are the Status columns represented as dimensions or expressions ?  only dimensions will get added to current selections in a straight table.  Qlik doesn't know if you clicked on expression1 cell or expression2 cell so no way to pass that into current selects (to my knowledge)

But in a PIVOT table , the column header values can be a dimension and a cell selcetion would apply both the row values and column values to the respective dimensions in the  current selections.

So....can you use a pivot table ?

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Jonathan, I'll try your pivot table approach. This makes sense. Thanks for the recommendation.