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Qlikview basic

Dear Tech

Please tell me what is the difference between Qlikview publisher,server,Ajax

So if we want to use Qlikview in my compnay wether i need to have different sever or withing a single server i can use?


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Qlikview basic


Check this from Qlikview Server Reference Manual 10

QlikView Server

QlikView Server provides a platform for hosting, and sharing QlikView information over the

Internet/Intranet. QlikView Server is tightly integrated with QlikView to deliver a seamless suite of data

analysis technology to end users. The server component of QlikView Server is the centerpiece of this

technology, supplying a robust, centrally managed, QlikView document community, connecting multiple

users, client types, documents, and objects within a secure and safe environment.

QlikView Publisher

QlikView Publisher is a member of the QlikView product family that manages content and access. By

presenting your end-users with up-to-date information and letting you manage your QlikView documents

in a powerful way, QlikView Publisher is a valuable addition to the QlikView suite.

QlikView Publisher distributes data stored in QlikView documents to users within and outside the

organization. By reducing data, each user can be presented with the information that concerns him/her.

The QlikView Publisher service and user interface are now fully integrated into QlikView Server and the

QlikView Management Console (QMC).

QlikView Clients

There are multiple client types available to connect to QlikView Server. There is the installed Windows

client - QlikView. There is an ActiveX Internet Explorer plug-in client which can also be implemented as

either a full or object based client (Internet Explorer Client – QVA for IE - and QlikX Objects Client) for

analysis in an Internet Explorer browser. There is an AJAX Zero-Footprint Client (ZFC) that provides

QlikView Objects support in a standard browser without requiring client side installation. Nothing apart

from a standard web browser needs to be installed on the client machine.

In addition to the standard clients, QlikView Server 9 will support mobile clients, including iPhone and

iTouch, along with support for many popular smart phones utilizing Java Mobile Edition (Java ME).

With the installed QlikView (exe) clients and the QVA for IE ActiveX plug-in client, whole QlikView

documents can be shown with complete sheet layout and more or less 100% fidelity to how the document

would look if opened as a local qvw file in QlikView. All clients, except the mobile clients, can be used

to create and maintain new sheet objects that can be shared with other users of the document throught

QlikView Server.

Hope this helps you.



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Qlikview basic

Hi Jagan

Thanks for the reply

So Publisher is not required to strat devolping a Qlikview project only server is required..?

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Qlikview basic


Even Server is also not necessary to start development.  You can start your development using Qlikview Desktop application.  After completion of development you can deploy in Server for public use using Browser. 

Hope this helps you.



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Re: Qlikview basic

Hi thanks for reply

Can you please tell  me the prectical use of publisher

i was still bit confused the purpose of publisher

it need to be istalled separately.


Re: Qlikview basic


I believe the best way to understand the product family is by reading the QlikView Product Family PDF



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