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Qlikview chart template

I have a qlikview report wih 10 tabs. Every tab has the same format on the left side is a selection menu and on the top is a dte/year selection menu. If I need to change the color of one of the selection menu I need to go into each tab and change the corresponding color. Is there a template that I can create for qlikview that allows me to change color in one place and it will propagate through all the pages?

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Qlikview chart template


In Properties from any object you have a layout tab there are two buttons, theme maker and aply theme...

First you need create a theme from your default object, and after that you can aply....


Change you object...and on same table...you have a Apply to button.....you can apply to all objetcs

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Qlikview chart template


Yes, if you wish to make the color change across sheets, you will have to do it manually. There is one workaround...make the change on one sheet, delete all of the corresponding objects ("selection menus") on the other sheets. Then, go to the object that you adjusted, hold down CTRL and drag it to each of the tabs. A copy of the object should be created in the same position on all sheets.

In QlikView 10, we are introducing Linked Objects, which will allow you to make changes to to one object and it will propagate out to all others.

Hope this helps!

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Qlikview chart template

Hi Jxia,

Simple Solution: Suppose you want to change the color of SelectionsMenu, Change it in one sheet and Copy(CTRL+C) it. From rest of the sheets, just delete the Existing Menus and just Do (CTR+V) in each sheet. The good thing is that you dont have to adjust for Layout. It will be at same place as it was before.



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Qlikview chart template

Hi, Jason

Is linked object like the user controls in ASP.net, or Server Side Include in tranditional web development? I am from a web dev background sometimes find QlikView is not very strong at creating user defined and reusable components. Any suggestion?

And, is there something like PowerPoint slide master template in QlikView? So I can make one change (for example, adding a "Current User" label) on the master and then it is applied to all sheets?



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Re: Qlikview chart template

Hello Jason,

I encountered the same issue. What you want to introduce in your dashboards is a color management system.

To get an idea what I mean I recommend you to check out the video in the blogpost QvM - Qlikview Modules.

Hope you find it helpful.

KR Koen