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Qlikview license leasing problem

Hello all,

I am leasing license from Qlikview server which is located remotely.But license will be there for one or two days after that my Qlikview will show "You are currently running Personal Editional" Please Help me.

For leasing license I do following Steps-

- Connect to QV server (via VPN access).

- Open Access Point.

     Give user name and password.This user is NT user.I have created user in that server and give password.

- Open file in Server.

After performing this step, QV will show "You are currently leasing license from 'Server name' ".

But after this my Qlikview will turned into personal edition without any notification.

Please help me about this.

I am now a days doing above steps almost daily.

Thank you,


Rohit Narvekar.

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Re: Qlikview license leasing problem

Friend, I have some suggestions. It can not be this, but it never hurts to take a look.

If you have only one "named cal", make sure someone else by mistake maybe she is not renting too! A "named cal" lets rent license to only one machine at a time every 30 days, but does not allow more than one at the same time. Also make sure it is being used to access applications in AccessPoint!

Stive - Brasil

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Re: Qlikview license leasing problem

Hello Stive ,

We have 5 different named cals in that server and other 4 named cals are working fine. I mean they can rent license for 30 days from same server.But only me unable to do it.

Do you any suggestions regarding that?

Thanks alot man for your reply.


Rohit Narvekar.

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