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Qlikview work in I Pad?

This is kelven and i'm new user on Qlikview. I have question about Qlinkview run in I Pad and hope all the expert can help.

Go thru the discussion list and know that Qlikview can work in I Pad but it is all the Qlikview can running in I Pad or depending on the version also?

My new company is using Qlikview and all only in user level and our supplier told us we need to upgrade to enterprise version then we only can use Qlikview in I Pad, it is true? Below is my list of question need to clarify:-

1) It is all version for Qlikview can work in I Pad?

2) Did Qlikview have data werehousing to allow user keyin data like data entry only Qlikview and save into database? if yes, which version?

    (as i understand Qlikview is one of BI report tool)

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Qlikview work in I Pad?

Hello Kelven and welcome to the QlikView world,

1.- Since QlikView allows Ajax meaning that the user needs nothing but a web browser, and the iPad has a web browser, you only need a server license to access the documents via Ajax.

On the other hand, there is a QlikView App in the App Store available for iPad, and it's free. So you can install it in the user's iPad, set the users, servers and passwords up, and run it. I personally don't recommend this client, since it's very limited and the Ajax one is good enough.

You only need to mark in the Server Console that one document is Mobile client accesible.

2.- No, QlikView is not a BI Report tool. You may check the documentation, take the tour in www.qlik.com QlikView allows you to create some tables, but it's not a reporting tool in the traditional sense (as Crystal Reports for example).

QlikView is used mostly to get data from data sources (not only databases) and analyze it. There are no direct write back support, but there are a lot of things you can script or program to work that around and feed your database back. Some of them are likely in this Community.

I'd recommend you to make some QlikView partner in your area contact you and show you the tool, some demos, explain the logic and so.

Hope that helps.

Miguel Angel Baeyens

BI Consultant

Comex Grupo Ibérica

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Qlikview work in I Pad?

Thank Miguel Angel Baeyens for your reply.

Yes, you are rite, i should ask the Qlikview partner to show me the tool and demo the application with how the logic work.


Qlikview work in I Pad?

Hi Kelven,

you can see some iPad optimized QlikView demos here: http://demo.qlik.com/

- Ralf

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Qlikview work in I Pad?

Thank a lot Ralf.

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