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Question Regarding Calendar Setup for Caseworker Dash

Hello All,

I'm beginning the process of outlining a  new dashboard for a group of caseworkers and I'm wondering the best way to setup my calendar(s).

I need to have some way to track each of my caseworker's time against their time off or non-working time so that I can measure case handling time and turnaround time more accurately.

Should I set up a separate calendar for each person or is there a simpler way that I'm not thinking of? Thank you in advance for any advice.

Best Regards,

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Re: Question Regarding Calendar Setup for Caseworker Dash

Hi Darren,

Have a search on here for "Master Calendar" and "Canonical Dates" which should answer your question for you.


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Re: Question Regarding Calendar Setup for Caseworker Dash

I think I have an idea on how to proceed. I will create a single master calendar in the data model and handle the working vs. non-working in one or more fact tables that link to the master calendar.

However, I'm still trying to reconcile different granularity of time and I'm curious how I should proceed.

My working/non-working time is set on an 8hour workday. However, our case management system keeps a 24 hour rolling clock.

In the past when I would calculate these stats in excel I would take the days off away from the total. For example if an employee was absent for 3 full days (8 hours each day) and 1 half day. I would subtract 3.5 full days from the schedule.

Any idea what the best way is to work around the eight hour work day versus the 24 hour case clock? Thank you.