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Question about filtering rows in a Resident table using Crosstable

Hello everyone,

im relatively new to qlikview, and im having issues in a maintenance to a previous aplication in qlikview that reads from various excel files. It's a question in both ways, technical and to think the best way to solve this.

It works by loading from excel files into a resident table like this.

for each DirEmp in dirlist (Dir & '\*.')

        for each File in FileList (DirEmp & '\*.xls')

            Set exist = 1;







      From [$(File)] ($(TipoXLS), no labels, table is [sheet1$(Signo)])

                              where isnum($(@2)) and recno() <= 67;           

        next File

    next DirEmp  

then making a crosstable into another resident table

if (exist) then


          CrossTable(idTipoM, Value,7)






Resident T0;

end if

finaly i store all this in a .qvd

Here is my problem.

I need to calc an average of "Value" from T1, and in other cases to exclude a complete Row. I tryed to make a crosstable to another Resident T2 trying to delete this row, but i dont know exactly what row is N° 30 excel in .qvd file, plus it may need extra time to load data twice.

Any advice will be helpful.

Thank you so much in advance.