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Qvd sharing

Hi All,

My friend and me working on Qlikview personal edition ( trial version , no license copy). If I want to share QVD with my friend, how can I share it? If I share it will it work same as it is working on my system?

Do we have any trick that I can share my Qlikview dashboard to someone who is using trial version.



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Champion II
Champion II


the only thing you could do is to let your friend use your machine to use the dashboard

Specialist II
Specialist II

There are no problems to share QVDs between QlikView trial versions.

Insetead if you try to share QVWs you are forced to open QVW documents without data.

Hi Narendra,

as a source file to your friend Just try to share your qvw to your friend and use "Binary load " for the data model .

as a source file you can share qvd's also from the default path/from the specified path which you mentioned in shared path.

when ever he/she also want the same UI it is bit difficult and they need to create from first step on wards.