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Rank by second dimension ignoring first dimension in pivot

I wanted to rank the expression by second dimension ignoring first dimension. how can i do? can you help?

Attached sample.



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Contributor II
Contributor II


why don't you try using

AGGR(Rank([what you want to rank]),[what you want to rank by])

Digital Support
Digital Support

Did Parth's comment help, or are you still trying to figure something out?  If it did, be sure to click the Accept as Solution button the post to give credit.  If not, further details will likely help someone try to help further.  I see you posted an app, that should be very helpful, but may need a bit more detail on things, only reason of which I can think others have not posted on this one.  


To help users find verified answers, please do not forget to use the "Accept as Solution" button on any post(s) that helped you resolve your problem or question.
I now work a compressed schedule, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so those will be the days I will reply to any follow-up posts.