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Rank in Straight table by specific dimension

I have a straight table that has multiple dimensions, but I want to rank on a specific dimension, how can I do this.  Here is my current definition


RANk((sum(Quantity)* AVG(NumberOfItemInSet))/IntroDateDif)

That works but I need it to rank on just the one dimension field names "Item".

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Rank in Straight table by specific dimension

Hi ljames77

I think you can use the TOTAL aggregation, but ignore your desired fieldname. rank([ total ] expression [ , mode [, format ] ])

RANk(TOTAL <Item> (sum(Quantity)* AVG(NumberOfItemInSet))/IntroDateDif)

Best regards

Vegar Lie Arntsen

QlikView consultant at egbs consulting ab

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