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Read Months value in calendar order--not ABC order

I have been trying to fix this for a while now. I have a variable- vCurrentFiscalMonth (imported from the master calendar) which would result in (JUL), but when I do certain search expressions (vital to my project), it is not working properly because the months are being read in alphabetical order. I have already tried adding an in-line rank and have played around with many different settings under Sort.

Note: I did not create this dashboard or script. I am only making some changes to it.

Here is what part of the script looks like:



Where I have noticed this issue:

The result should give me all the months before (and including) July, but is giving me the ones before in ABC order.


Also, if I try to get the previous month like this, I get no results.


Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Read Months value in calendar order--not ABC order

You need a resident load after your CrossTable Load to make sure QlikView Understand your Month as a date Month:


CrossTable (Month, DateAmount, 4)


FROM ...


LOAD blahblah,

         Month(Date#(Capitalize(Month), 'MMM')) as Month

Resident Temp;

DROP Table Temp;

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Re: Read Months value in calendar order--not ABC order

Due to my mistake, we have the same topic twice.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am going to lock this version of the topic. Please continue the discussion here:

How to read months in calendar order--not alphabetical

May you live in interesting times!