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Redirect user in Authentication API


We want to provide SSO to QlikView apps in our application, where when user select (click) a QlikView app, we will:

  1. Forward user to Qlik Authentication API for signing in to QlikView (using Form POST)
  2. Redirect user back to the selected QlikView app

We try to achieve (2) by appending the app URL with "try" parameter to the API URL (as suggested by the document "Customized authentication v1.0.pdf" at https://community.qlik.com/t5/QlikView-Management/SSO-in-Qlikview/td-p/425365?attachment-id=29347) like this:



However, we found that the "try" parameter may be removed automatically on user click and the user will be redirected to QlikView home page instead.

Any idea why?  Or any alternatives to redirect user back to the selected app?


Million thanks!!

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