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Contributor III
Contributor III

Reload qvw from Access Point


I am trying to reload the model from access point by EDX.

I made a batch file:  

'D:\ShortRun\QMSEDX.exe -task=D:\QlikView\CPM\Test-Edx.qvw -qms=Qlik-S -password=1234​'

and created a launch button that call the batch


Attched file for security. also i set 'Allow macro execution on server' on qmc and 'Allow unsafe macro execution' 

When i press the button in the server it works, but when i press from access point (also in server)

It does nothing. any suggestions?

The qlikview version is 12.20.20500



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Re: Reload qvw from Access Point

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Re: Reload qvw from Access Point

I suspect the piece you forgot is the security group to allow the users to run things, as the call is going to come via the userid I believe, so they will need to be placed in the QlikView EDX local security group, which you would need to manually create, that one is not created automatically.  Here is a Help link to provide some further details, hopefully this may get you working if you have not already figured things out:



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