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Remove space from field name

i have a field like this in some excel files: 



and in some excel i have field like this : [Province]

how to load all files at same time. Right now if i load , it throws error province field not found because of different formats.


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Re: Remove space from field name

You can load columns based on their order @1 if xls file, column letter eg. A if xxls. Like this:

A as field1
B as field2

FROM [lib://*.xlsx]
(ooxml, no labels, header is 0 lines, table is [table])

Be sure to include no labels in the load.

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Re: Remove space from field name

Sanju, did David's suggestion work for you on this one?  If so, be sure to come back and use the Accept as Solution Button to give him credit and let others know that worked.  If you are still working on things, leave an update.  I cannot think of any better way to go about things than what David described.  


To help users find verified answers, please don't forget to use the "Accept as Solution" button on any posts that helped you resolve your problem or question.

Re: Remove space from field name


Before reload need to change field like this

mid(Province,2,10) as Province

do it in  data model