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Replace field value?

I load data into Fact table from our ERP system and I have a field called Payer.  I then Left Join to Fact data in a spreadsheet that has the fields Payer and Exclude.  The Exclude field will have the value of 'Y' in it.  Now  the Exclude field in Fact will have a 'Y' or it will be Null.

My Question:

After I have done the above (Fact table is now loaded with Payer and Exclude fields, I want to go through a differnet logic process, something like if Payer = X and some other field = Z Change the Exclude field from Y to N.  Is there a way to overwrite the value of a field?


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Re: Replace field value?

To actually overwrite you have to reload but you can calculate the Exclude field and show the result in the application.

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Re: Replace field value?

You can create a new table based on your resident table with desired Exclude value:

[New table]:




    if(Payer = X and [some other field] = Z, 'Y', Exclude) as Exclude


Resident [old table];

and then drop the old table:

drop table [old table];

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