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Contributor III
Contributor III

Report Performance

Hi everybody,

I've got an issue about the perfomance of one of my report.
In fact, i've got a lot of rows each days and now my qvd files is bigger and my report is slower.

I 'm looking for a solution to improve my report's performance.
I found in the forum, someone who talked about the use of IF statement.

So I think that i have to change several expression's calculation like my main expression :

=COUNT(DISTINCT (IF (Date = [Date of last operation],CONTRACT_ID)))

How could i write it better ?

And what about other solution to improve the whole performance of my report.

Thanks a lot !


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Contributor III
Contributor III


Qlikview computation is rather fast.

I am guessing you have too many charts refreshing at once.

You can check which Object is taking up too much processing.

CTRL + ALT +D to bring up documents settings.  Go to sheet Tab, at the second box, check the Memory usage.


if that object (Chart or Pivot table) is taking too much processing. You want to show the object only when User have selected the desired ranges. Example, date range, Departments,  product group.

you can do this at the chart properties--> layout -> show -> Conditional. (GetSelectedCount(Departments) > 0)


Digital Support
Digital Support

Well, not sure how much help the following will be, but hopefully may get you on the right track:



Design Blog:



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