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Require Include script syntax to connect to ODBC etc. from folders

1. Require ODBC connection steps to connect to SQL Server and Oracle databases from Qlikview. Require the ODBC connection steps for each database, ODBC drivers for each database and the configuration steps for the DSN for each database.

2. Require Include script connection syntax statements to connect to the following folder as mentioned below. My folders are stored on a shared drive.

App - This is where my Qlikview application is stored.

Source1 - Has Include script connections to connect to data bases, excels, csvs and QVDs.

Source2 - Stores Excels etc.

Source2 - Stores QVDS

My application is stored in the App folder on a shared drive as mentioned above. (Require connection statements as mentioned below that will work on the shared drive for the above folder structure. )

=> I require include script syntax statements for qlikview that will connect to the connection files stored in Source1 folder.

=> I require the include script connection syntax that is stored within these connection files and how to name these include files.

Please reply to all the above points by including your answers below each question point.

Thank you so much.