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Reset document on web app

I am new to QlikView.

When a user makes a lot of selections, open objects, move objects on a document (on the web app) - how is it possible to reset back to original layout?

"Clear" only resets selections...

I know its possible from the QMS, but how can it be done by the End-user?

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Re: Reset document on web app

Hi Rene ,

Ctrl + Z will reset the objects on to its original position . But why do you allow End-users to move objects ? I mean is it a requirement ??


Karthick V.

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Re: Reset document on web app

Hi Karthick

Ctrl + Z resets to last change. There can be many of theese.
Is it not possible to Reset back to layout, as it was saved from the programmer?

We are building the app now and have users testing them. We have several object, so right now it is good for them to be able to move a little around with the objects.

Later on, when we are going into production, we maybe will deny End-users to move around with object.