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Rotating sheet variable doesnt activate trigger


I have a qlikview app that rotates between each sheet.  The variables for rotating between sheets is below.  Whenever i turn this on, the triggers I have on each sheet that selects what data to present never works.  How to i go about fixing this

vShow =


vDelay =15

vSheet = 10

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Rotating sheet variable doesnt activate trigger

I'm guessing that you are making sheet specific selections using the OnSheetActivate trigger. And that you are using the vShow variable to control the visibility of a sheet. Transitioning a sheet between Show/NoShow will not fire an OnSheetActivate trigger.

I'm not sure what the workaround may be, but perhaps others have an idea. I was thinking perhaps you could use an "Activate Sheet" action from a variable trigger, but that resolve the issue because triggers can't fire triggers.

Good luck. Hopefully some better ideas from the group here.