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Row Subtotal & Total Aggregation in Lieu of Column Expression

Hi all!  I'm new here, and I'm hoping that someone has encountered the issue that I'm having.  I have a report that I am building that will attribute gross margin impact to individual sales channels and products.  I am breaking the types of margin impact between, price, cost, sales mix, and other.  I have chosen to build the price calc first, which uses several other columns already on my report.  I have successfully created the formula, which produces desired result at the bottom/children levels.  However, my report has a total and several subtotals rows that are also calculating, but are completely wrong.  This is expected, because the calc is only applicable at the input/child level.  Rather, I want the total and subtotal rows in this columns aggregate the input level rows under them.  How do I keep using the formula on the input level rows, but have the subtotals and total rows summarize the results of the input rows?

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Re: Row Subtotal & Total Aggregation in Lieu of Column Expression

You can use "Chart Inter Record Functions" like Above() possibly also with the Advanced Aggregation function Aggr() Have a look in your QlikView help at these sections/chapters:

- Chart Inter Record Functions

- Advanced Aggregation

- Nested Aggregations and Related Issues

If you supply a sample app with some data on the calcs you have made so far maybe someone can make suggestions for actual solutions for you...