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SLA calculation


please help me in calculating SLA.

suppose a call is logged at 11am 7/10/2013 and closed on 7/13/2013. in the difference of these two dates we need to consider only service window that is 9am -6pm and non working hours from 6pm - 9pm should be excluded and if sunday is there inbetween then that should be excluded.

waiting for reply.


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Re: SLA calculation

Can you give a sample.

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Re: SLA calculation


Call Date - 7/11/2013 11:10:00 am

End Date - 7/15/2013 10:20:00 am

In this i need the interval of time excluding non working hours and sunday

7/11/2013  - consider only 11:10am to 6pm +

7/12/2013  - consider only 9am to 6pm

7/13/2013 - consider only 9am to 6pm

7/14/2013  whole 24hrs should be excluded

7/15/2013 consider only 2am to 10:20am

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Re: SLA calculation


Create a Master Calendar and add a separate column for number of working hours for each day in the entire year and ensure 0 for sundays/non-working days and convert the timestamp in the data to 24 hours format and use the HOUR(DATETIMESTAMP,'hh') formula for extracting the hour value alone from both start and end dates. Then it will be easy for you to calculate the total hours spend on the ticket easily.

Let me know, if this works...