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SSO on Small Business Edition

Hello community,

I tried to implement single sign on with a Small Business Edition. I'm able to get the web ticket but when I redirect to the access point, the authenticated user cannot see any Qlikview Application. If I just login manually, using username(same used with the web ticket) and password, I'm able to see my applications.

Note: I'm using NTFS Authorization.

Is this a limitation of Small Business Edition? Is there a workaround?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: SSO on Small Business Edition


As far as I know it should work with SBE in NTFS.

Have you added the server SSO redirects from as a trusted site? Had problems with getting correct IP-adress when doing an implementation 3-4 years ago. IE. ther server had 3 internal IP-adresses.

Otherwise there are other discussions here in the forum about the issus you can try. For instance:

Qlikview ticketing for SSO is not working in Qlikview 11

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Re: SSO on Small Business Edition

Hi Daniel,    

               I'm trying to do the same thing.

Have you read a specific guide?

Thank you