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Sales periods

1. implement a qv diagram in which you can specify the top 10 periods with the maximum total amount of sales

- the sales period is the two dates between which sales were made daily.

2. implement a similar diagram, but taking into account the categories of goods

- sales period by category, these are two dates, between which sales of goods of the same category were made daily

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If i understand correct

1) Sum({<SALES_DATE={">=$(=Min({1}SALES_DATE))<=$(=Max({1}SALES_DATE))"}, SALES_CATEGORY={"=Rank(Sum({<SALES_DATE={">=$(=Min({1}SALES_DATE))<=$(=Max({1}SALES_DATE))"} SALES_PRICE))<=10"} >} SALES_PRICE)

2) Not understand, What do you mean "between which sales of goods of the same category were made daily"

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