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Scanning into an Input Box - resetting Field Focus

Our Ops guys want to have the facility to scan a barcode from their work orders and have Qlikview return information about that work order.

I am using an Input Box and variable to control the change of the work order # scanned and the data displayed - works fine.

To reset the display for another scan, I have tried to use a button with three actions; a clear all, a set variable (and an activate object (the input box).

It is this last action, activate object, that is not doing what I expected. I hoped it would get focus on on the field where the mechanic scans and thus sets the variable, but all it does is make the input box object active, not the input field so the mechanic would still have to click into the field before he could scan the work order.

That's not ideal from a Mechanics perspective - one button press might be okay, but two clicks..... So does anyone have a suggestion on how I might activate the input field from the one button please?

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