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Scatter Chart - count total items per coordinate

I'm trying to create a scatter chart that will change bubble size relative to how many items land on the same coordinates, but all I am getting is overlapping bubbles with the same size.

My chart currently has 1 dimension:

     [Project Name]

          and 3 expressions:



     count([Project Name])

My expectation would be that in a coordinate where there is only 1 Project aligned, such as (4,3), the bubble would be a size of 1.  And the coordinate where there are multiple Projects aligned, such as (4,4) (see picture attached), the bubble would be the size of the number of Projects.  In the case of the picture attached, this should be 4.

Instead, there are multiple bubbles of a size 1 overlapping on the same coordinate if there are the same projects on an identical coordinate, each counting a value of 1.  How do I get around this?  I've tried using if statements and I can't see how set analysis would accomplish this considering there are 25 different combinations and thus it would require an embedded if statement.

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Re: Scatter Chart - count total items per coordinate

Hi Can someone please help with this problem. Thanks

Re: Scatter Chart - count total items per coordinate

Can you attach your application to test because we need to test

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Re: Scatter Chart - count total items per coordinate

please refer attachment.