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Screen design, dynamic resizing

Hi All,

I'm in the process of trialling QlikView and one thing that strikes me is the fact that I can't appear to dynamically resize controls based on the screen size. Ideally I would have a table docked to the bottom of the screen and have fixed controls at the top which allow the user to filter through the data in the table.

Hopefully someone can point in the right direction on this.



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Re: Screen design, dynamic resizing

Come on people, this has to be a fairly basic question! Someone out there in QlikView land must know the answer!

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Re: Screen design, dynamic resizing

Dynamic resizing of object is by design is not possible in qlikview. One way to get around the issue is using a macro at the beginning of the application and zoom the objects to the resolution. There are many examples in the forum for that macro.

Refer to the following post

Web macro to fit-to-screen

There are some drawbacks to this approach.

1. It only works with IE plugin

2. Macros are overall not recommended in Qlikview

With present capabilities most of us are only left with the option of designing the application for lowest resolution in the enterprise and I agree there should be a better way of doing this

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Re: Screen design, dynamic resizing

In my opinion, this is one of the more significant shortcomings of Qlikview. For example, there is almost no ability to set object sizes as a % of screen size, and have it sense the screen size, and adjust accordingly. It does seem to be aware that it is running (in most cases) within a browser. The whole concept of styling via CSS is lacking.