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Script is trying to load columns that do not exist

Hi all;

I am running into a problem with a refresh of data.  I have 5 files that are posted to a SharePoint site that are linked to my app.  When I first created the app there was no issues in loading or manipulating the data.  I have since updated the files (no new columns) and continue to receive the error "Field 'BW' not found" and "the error occurred here: ?"

I have reviewed all of my files and in two tabs there is data contained in column BW.  Those columns are populated with data.  I tried updating the script to remove the load of those two columns and still received the same error.  I have no idea what is going on and would love any advice as I am stumped.

I have attached both the screenshot of the error and the script I have been using (pretty basic script).

In advance I appreciate all of the help.

Will Schefter

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Re: Script is trying to load columns that do not exist

Hi Buddy,

As you attached the script i was unable to find the issue

So my ideas to find the issue are like below.

  • As per your attached image it is showing up to "Working Capital" code is executed successfully.

so comment that code and run the remaining code so that u will find easily.

  • As u said 2 places you have the column BW so check those tables one by one and you will get solution.
  • Get the 5 files one by one by debugging so that you can find issue easily.

Re: Script is trying to load columns that do not exist

It might be because it uses cache... Either try creating a new app and run only the "Working Capital" to figure out the issue or restart qlik services.

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Re: Script is trying to load columns that do not exist

Hi there;

I know I am slow in responding, I am sorry for that.  I took the second option in creating a new app and then making updates to the files posted and updated the new app.  Everything worked just fine.  I went back and tried to update the original app and guess what?  Everything worked just fine.

We call them gremlins here at work...they always get into our software, mess with something, and when they've had their fun the return everything back to normal.

Thanks for the advice, it was greatly appreciated.