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Script to get all tables from a single database


In my database, there are 90 tables. I need all those tables into my qlikview.

Can anyone tel me how to write script with 'for each' statement ??

Thanks and regads,


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Re: Script to get all tables from a single database

When you click the Select button, you see a DB dialogbox. Select your tables and click on add.

When you have added all, finish it.

You may want to use the file attached. The autor of the file is not me. I downloaded from this community.

Valued Contributor II

Script to get all tables from a single database

Hello Guru,

try this

CONNECT TO your database

SQLTables; //read database information
T1: load chr(39)&concat(TABLE_NAME,chr(39)&', '&chr(39))&chr(39) as tabs resident  T2 where TABLE_TYPE='TABLE';
let tabs=peek('tabs',0,'T1'); // only load tables

for each tab in $(tabs)
sql select * from $(tab);
next  //select all fields from all tables

maybe use a qualify?


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