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Contributor II
Contributor II



I am trying to write a script that shows anytime there  is a "Key Date Type" that references "Cancellation Option Notice End" then give me the "Key Date" for that respective Cancellation Option.  Below is the script that I wrote which only half works...It shows None for every location irrespective if there is a Cancellation Option.  Can someone please help modify?

if(count(distinct {<[Key Date Type] = {"Cancellation Option Notice End"}>} [Key Date Type])
,date(maxString(total <[Address Suite]> {<[Key Date Type] = {[Cancellation Option Notice End]}>} [Key Date]), 'MM/DD/YY')

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Digital Support
Digital Support

You really need to attach a QVW file on posts like this, as folks need to be able to see the data model as well as your chart etc. in order to offer the correct potential solution...  I am doubtful you will get a response otherwise.

The best I can do is point you to the Design Blog area, here is a key Set Analysis post that has some further post links at the bottom of it:


Here is the main URL to the Design Blog area in case you want to further search on your own, there are hundreds of posts in this area all from our internal experts and the vast majority are how-to related.



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