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Search for a string in a Field

I'm trying to create a search function by searching through a Field with a specific word in a string however, I'm new to Qlickview & I'm not sure how to write the code for it.. The field I'm using is called "Description" and I'd like to search for all the entries that include the word "brake" "leak" or "oil filter".. etc.  

Ideally, I'd like to have a listbox with key word selections: "brake" "leak" & "oil filter" in order to search through the Field "Description" so that I can sort through quality problems more efficiently. If it would be easier to create a variable or an expression in a pivot chart, please let me know. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!!!

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Re: Search for a string in a Field


Please go to the help file by pressing F1,

search for String Functions & Conditional Functions,

which will help you for your case.

wildmatch, match, pick, mixmatch these are the some of examples.



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Re: Search for a string in a Field


I used the wildmatch and getfieldselections functions to display descriptions based on a key word selected in a list box.  Note that the listbox has Always One Selected Value activated.

Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but hopefully it helps.


Re: Search for a string in a Field

You may also want to look at this thread:



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