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Section Access Issue - QVW is asking password even for ADMIN


QVW is asking password every time even for a ADMIN listed in Section Access table.

We have been given a task to add the Section Action in some of the dashboards.

I am following below steps to implement it.

1. File --> Create hidden script.

2. It ask for a password and I have submitted it.

3. Now I can see Hidden Script Tab is appeared.

4. I have added below Section access Inline table.

Section Access;

      ADMIN, U12345                                   ///I feel this NTNAME is incorrect and this is given by the client

Section Application;

5. Now I reload and Save it and close my QVW file.

6. Now again I open it and do not see Hidden script Tab. I need to go again in File --> Edit Hidden script and submit the password which was submitted in in Step 2.

Why this does not display hidden script if I am listed as a ADMIN?

Please assist me to solve this issue. There are  many client qlikview dashboards which we have access / server license to open where we can easily see the section access script and not need to pass any password.


Vijay Sahu

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Afaik, Section Access and Hidden Script are two complete different things.

The Hidden Script hides your script and prevents unauthorized users to modify your code by separating it from the "normal" (or open) part of your script and keeping it safe with a password. Even if one of your customers IT guy gets admin privileges on the QVWs, your script is kept hidden and safe.

The Section Access is used to reduce the Data in your application to make sure, users just see what they are allowed to. It is an analytic security and not a development security.

I guess, the section access scripts of your other customers are just not secured by Hidden Script. Please check the other scripts again.


Ok Michel..

So it means I can also put section access inside the non hidden -script as my clients are doing.

One more thing they have given me NTNAME in above mentioned format only. Is it correct ? 

I think it has to be in format DOMAIN\NTNAME.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Vijay

Take a look at this for further information about section access:

Introduction to Section Access

The field name must be named "NTNAME". The values of the field needs to be in the format DOMAIN\NTNAME. 🙂

Best regards


Thanks Michel..