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Creator II
Creator II

Section Access / Username + Password, can't enter the application


I took a QV application with me from an enterprise, which is using NTNAME (Windows Login) for Section Access Security.

Before leaving i have marked the Section Access off, unfortunately did not run the script once more.

Now when I am trying to open the application, QV asks me for username and password. My contact person gave me DOMAIN/username + password information. But after entering these infos, QV asks again for username and password credentials.

Does this mean, I got wrong log in info, or do I need to create the given domain and use identical user, so that this would work?


Please help.

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NTNAME will reference the Windows login account. Although the model might fall back on a user/password combination, you will not be able to open if no USER/PASSWORD fields are defined. The domain\username combination you enter will be matched with USER, not NTNAME.

If you create a new domain with the same name and an account on that domain with the correct name, you MAY be able to open the model. If however it is defined with an NTDOMAINSID, then it will not be so simple. Your best bet will then be to ask someone at the other company to open the model, comment out the SA and then reload for you.


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