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Section Access on Access Point

I have trying to implement data masking along with Section Access.

I am following the link


When I open the .qvw file (having section access implemented), it displays data correctly as per Image1.JPG.

Means it displays all data for the logged in user and mask few of the columns which are of other users. This is my requirement.

But when I deploy it on Access Point it only displays records which are applicable to the logged in user and does not displays any other data (image2.JPG)

I do not want the data reduction, instead of that I want some of the columns data to be masked.

Is it possible in Qlikview?

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Images attached


Based on the Role you need to set some Flags in  Section Access script. as per Flags you can create a expression to show/hide the data.

Just remove the checkbox for Strict Exclusion under Document Properties -> Opening -> Initial Data Reduction Based on Section Access.

You should only remove the checking of Strict Exclusion.

Hope this helps.

Restricting access to columns by user without excluding data does not need section access.

Just use a conditional show expression on the column containing osuser() or qvuser() functions.

Hi Dinesh,

This post by marcus_sommer brings together most of the resources on Section Access.

Section Access


If I remove the checking of Strict Exclusion all data is displayed without masking.


There are many objects on my document. Also, user can create there own chart or pivots. In that case the osuser() or qvuser() functions won't work. So thinking to apply something on data level.

The link


fits my requirement, but getting the issue as mentioned above (my original post).


Masking should be done in your Chart expression based on the User Role.

Hope there are limited charts. Else you need to convert all the Chart Expression.


There are many objects on the dashboard.

Wanted to know why the qlikview behave differently on Desktop and on Access point(details are in my original post above).

Any way/settings to overcome the issue.