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Select a range on slider on open

I have a date selection slider in my application that selects a range of 5 quarters. I want it to default to the most recent five quarters upon opening.

My slider expression is =ReportDtSlider and I tried using this in the On Open>Select in Field trigger as my field with Max(ReportDtSlider) as my Search String but am having issues getting it to even select one date, let alone a range. Do you have any advice on how to get this to function correctly?

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Re: Select a range on slider on open

Try to give it as this?

Num(Month(ReportDtSlider)) as DateNum

'Q' & Ceil(Month(ReportDtSlider)/3) as Quarter,

And then, Finally DateNum is the field in trigger

And string is

=Only({<Quarter = {">=$(=Num(QuarterStart(Max(DateNum)-5)))<=$(=Max(DateNum))"}>} Quarter)

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