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Select today +1

Hi there,

I have a sheet in my document with a table box for a Birthday SMS we send to our customers.

I then have a button called "today" which will make all the selections I need, including those where birthday is equal to today. It works perfectly.

But I actually send this file to the person who then uploads it the day before the birthday, and on Fridays I send the file for Saturday, Sonday and Monday.

I am trying to change my button to select "tomorrow" - but I cannot get this to work. Then I also want a Weekend button, which will select tomorrow, and the two days after tomorrow.

Current button:

Select in Field Birthday = today()

I've tried today + 1 in various different ways.



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Re: Select today +1

Try this,

For tomorrow     =Date(Today() + 1)

For Weekend = Weekend(Today())

For two days after tomorrow =  Date(Today() + 3)

Hope it helps

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Re: Select today +1

Hi Gerhard,

try this:


kind regards


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Re: Select today +1

=Date(Today() + 1) - that works perfectly for tomorrow, thanks.

=Weekend(Today()) - that only gives me the upcoming Sunday (15th).

=Date(Today() + 3) - will also give me only one date.

I need tomorrow and the next two days to all 3 be selected together. Something like:

=Date(Today() + 1)&Date(Today() + 2)&Date(Today() + 3)

but that doesn't work...

If I add all three as separate "Select in field" actions, it just runs through all three and finally only has the last one selected.

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Re: Select today +1

I figured out a work-around by adding a new field in my script.

Probably a crude way of doing it, but it works.

I subtract the Birthday Value from Today's date, and it it is 0 or 1, I call it Today or Tomorrow, if not I just keep the value.

Then my button can look at this new field, and in the "Weekend Button" I select where it is equal to (Tomorrow|2|3).

Thanks for the help guys.


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