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Select value on table via formula

Hello all,

I need your help 🙂

I would like to select a value directly on table via formula. 

I explain the goal. I would like to avoid "Bookmarks" because I would like to create only one story with all sheets.

I've different sheets on Qlik Sense with same chart, the only thing that change is the name of application. 
In order to filter the name of application I've created a table with the name of table using. 

Like that :  Name_of_Application='TOTO'Sans titre.pngWhen I do that I've 2 values on my table : "-1" & "0". Here I would like to keep only -1 value. And I would like to do that in formula directly. 

I'm not sure if I was clear, do you have any idea ? 🙂

Many thanks for your help.

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Re: Select value on table via formula

Even I am not sure - Why you are saying as Bookmarks. Perhaps this If(Match(Field, -1), Field)


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Re: Select value on table via formula


Thanks for your reply,
In fact, when I said : "As bookmarks" it's because when I select on application on my able, the filters are created for all sheets. 
Then it's very complicated to imlement a story for all application.

My goad is : To have 8 similar sheets for 8 differents applications in order to create a story for all of those sheets on one shot.

Where can I put this : If(Match(Field, -1), Field) ?

Many thanks for your help,


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How to express the value that i want to look at

Hi all

I need your help

I've made bar chart to look at the all of part  consumption .

So, there are a bunch of bar on the table. I just want to look at the top 5, 6 priority of part consumption.

is there any formulas to show this chart that i want to see ?

i just want to emphasize on the yellow box



Thank you

please let me know