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Selection does not match


I get very confused with synthetic keys and loops and things. I pull data from three different tables:

1. Account extract

2. Transaction Extracts

3. Application Extracts

I load the Account Extract first and load 'Account no as 'Account No',

then I load a transaction extract (which has an Account No field) WHERE EXISTS 'Account No').

This works perfectly. But when I make selections on my sheets that shows transactions it will not match back to my application data (as my application extract has no account number yet).

There is a field that I can use to match back, which has the same data, but the field has different names for all three extracts!

Application Extract - Company Code

Transaction Extract - Company

Application Extract - Company No

I need to be able to select a Company and look at its account holders' transactions, and then also go to a different sheet and look at all its applications.

I also have a synthetic field called 'Appl No' and 'Appl no' in my Account and Application extracts but when I use the WHERE EXISTS'Appl No') I get an error saying there is a loop in my file!

Please help!

LOAD 'Account no' as 'Account no',

          if('Company Code'=ASA','Ackermans SA', if('Company Code'='ANA','Ackermans NAM', if('Company Code'='HTSA','Hang Ten SA', if('Company Code'='HTNA','Hang Ten NAM', if('Company Code'='JJSA','Jay Jays SA', if('Company Code'='JJNA','Jay Jays NAM', if('Company Code'='SCSA','Shoe City SA' , if('Company Code'='SCNA','Shoe City NAM')))))))) as 'Company Code',

         'Appl no',

FROM xxxxx

LOAD Company,

          Selection does not match,


...Transaction Extracts\*.txt

WHERE (Selection does not match=35 or Selection does not match=36 or Selection does not match=37 or Selection does not match=931) and (exists(Selection does not match));

LOAD if(Selection does not match='SCSA','Shoe City SA', if(Selection does not match='HTSA','Hang Ten SA', if(Selection does not match='ASA','Ackermans SA', if(Selection does not match='ANA','Ackermans NAM' )))) as Selection does not match,

Selection does not match,


Selection does not match

WHERE (Selection does not match>4);

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Re: Selection does not match


I don't know if it's just me, but I see a lot of "Selection does not match" in your post instead of actual data. Are you using some code before fields?

Example (in bold):

I load the Account Extract first and load Selection does not match as Selection does not match,

then I load a transaction extract (which has an Account No field) WHERE EXISTS(Selection does not match).


Miguel Angel Baeyens

BI Consultant

Comex Grupo Ibérica

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Re: Selection does not match

The new QlikView site is killing me. I cannot put any field names in or I get the Selection Does not match – whenever I use brackets.

Also, NONE of my links work, I cannot reply to posts or do anything – I can only reply directly to the email notification I get.

Is there someone I could email my script to or something…?