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Selection in field through input box.

Hi !

I am a beginer in qlickview programming.

I want to make a selection in one of my fields containing month-name. based on the input in input box. ie. On entering  the month_number in an input box ,the corresponding month_name should get selected in the field.

I have tried to use the trigger event- action of selection on my input variable. Still i am not getting the desired result.

Can anyone please guide me??


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Re: Selection in field through input box.

Here's an example where a variable and an input box are used to select values smaller or equal than the variable. You should be able to figure out how to change it for your purposes.

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Re: Selection in field through input box.

Thanks fr the help.. but i cannot open the file as i am using a personal edition version. the source files are not visible.

can u please share sme small example here itself....regarding as how to link the input box and the listbox.

Re: Selection in field through input box.

In this screenshot I have added actions to the OnChange and OnInput triggers. If VAR1 is changed in the Inputbox, then the selection in Field B is changed to select all values smaller or equal to the new value of VAR1.


Hope this helps

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand

Re: Selection in field through input box.


Is there any particular reason for using an input box to select the month number?

The normal Qlikview approach would to use a list box for month and the user would make the selection from the listbox. No need for macros and/or actions. But perhaps you have good reason for not using the standard approach?



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