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Selections not working in Set Analysis with Union


My expression Sum({<Dim1 = {'A'}> + <Dim2 = {'A'}>} Value) is working fine when there are no selections and when we selected "A" in Dim1 or in Dim2. But it is not working when we made any other selections other than A.My requirement is it should not display anything when we selected anything in Dim1 or in Dim2 other than A .It is a simple dataset I created to illustrate the problem but my original app has huge data and the expression is dynamic based on the user login. Some users are allowed to see only portion of data only in details page (but not whole dashboard, so not using any section access). by default the user is seeing what is supposed to see but when he make any selection in list box other than what he supposed to see the data set giving wrong results (It would be best if the chart returns no records).  Hope some one helps me.

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Re: Selections not working in Set Analysis with Union

May be try this

Implicit Set Operators

=Sum({<Dim1 *= {'A'}> + <Dim2 *= {'A'}>} Value)