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Server Crash QVS CPU Usage High


Our Qlik server crashed due to 100% CPU usage by the QVS. I am not able to provide logs but would appreciate guidance on what I should be looking for in them/testing when trying to solve this kind of problem. Attached is a screen shot of CPU Allocation vs. Allotted Actions for the Server at the time of the crash. I know this isn't much....thank you!

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Re: Server Crash QVS CPU Usage High

Hi Courtney,

Start by looking at the QlikView server logs.  The QlikView Event log should indicate what the QVS was doing, if the verbosity was set to high, otherwise you'll be missing some of the base info.  Hopefully, you'll see some explicit messages that point to the issue.  If not, you may want to look at the Windows Events Viewer.  It will indicate what other items were happening at the time.

We experienced something similar, due to a user creating a collaboration object, that consumed all the RAM.  It caused windows to start swapping memory, leading to high CPU and the eventual server crash.  You may wan to review the RAM consumption trend on your server, in the QlikView performance logs. 

Also, you may want to open a call with your vendor support.  They will be able to review your logs and provide some insight.

Good luck,



Re: Server Crash QVS CPU Usage High


I have the same issue with 100% CPU usage by QVS service. We think is due to massive Excel export but I don't have this info in my Governance Dashboard.

Your Governance Dashboard is from the community ?

Is it possible to have your QlikView application ? Or how you get the "Export Action" data ?

Thank you