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Set Analysis on Current MTD

Hello, It's been a long day and trying to figure this out, can someone assist please.


Filters: Year (2014, 2015) Month (Jan...Dec)


Total Average % Deleted Files

(For all data)

Avg Current MTD

(July 1 to Today())


-- TOTAL Current Avg MTD = 9

***Don't mind the data, just entered whatever***

What I am trying to achieve:

     Expression showing the Total Current MTD Number until I filter to the specific computer...

Currently, If I filter to a computer the data changes to match the total for all the data..

Sorry if this is confusing, I cannot post the QV file, I will try and give as much info as possible.

=Num((Sum(<$={"$(= '>=' & date(MonthStart(today())) & '<=' & date(Today()))"}>} distinct Computer)/(Count(Sum(<$={"$(= '>=' & date(MonthStart(today())) & '<=' & date(Today()))"}>} distinct Computer))/100), '###.##%')

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Re: Set Analysis on Current MTD

May be this:

=Num((Sum({<Date =  {"$(= '>=' & date(MonthStart(today())) & '<=' & date(Today()))"}>} Distinct Computer)/

(Count({<Date = {"$(= '>=' & date(MonthStart(today())) & '<=' & date(Today()))"}>} Distinct Computer))/100), '###.##%')